The Art of Not-Doing

Wonderful that you are joining the art of not-doing. I’m really excited about sharing these practices with you.
Doing less has really made my life much more enjoyable, both physically and mentally. It’s not always an easy practice, as with everything, but it’s well worth it, giving yourself some you-time, without having to do anything, during that time. A place where you can just Be.
I have designed these online restorative yoga practices, to enable you to enjoy the Art of Not-Doing in the comfort of your own home!

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What is it?

The Art of Not-Doing is a restorative yoga practice, where you spend a fair amount of time in a shape, while your body is wholly supported with props. In the video’s I spend 20 minutes in a shape. When you purchase one of the packs, there are separate timers available of 10, 15, 20, 30 and 45 minutes.
It’s about YOUR experience while you’re in the shape that you’re in, in whichever way that is. It’s not about how it looks or needing to be somewhere or that there is a specific function to the specific pose that you need to experience.

The Packs


The Sensations pack, where the shapes you are in are more likely to give some physical sensations or require a minimal effort. If you’ve never practiced anything like this before, it might be easier to start with this. You will likely have more to observe, because of the physical sensations that are noticeable. Having said that, the invitation is to explore not-doing and the experience of yourself, without the distraction of physical sensations.


The simplicity pack is one where you don’t need many props. Only 2 big blankets are needed, to be able to create comfortably supported shapes. These poses are a mix of shapes with possible physical sensations and silent ones. Convenient when you don’t have access to many props.


The Silence pack, is a pack with shapes that are intended to be wholly supportive and neutral and leave you free of physical distractions and free to explore everything else that you can observe once you give yourself time, space and support.

The Practice

In the video’s I’ll show you how to get into the shape and the options I use to make myself comfortable. You can always add to it and do things differently, as long as you make sure your body feels comfortable and is completely supported. This will be emphasised in every practice. Then I’ll guide you, in a few minutes, into stillness.

Once you are in the shape, see if you can stay present and observe. If you happen to fall asleep, don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s probably what you needed most.

These practices, although you’re not doing anything, they can dó quite a lot. Your busy mind can pop up and throw a massive party or tantrum, because the rest of you is finally quiet. So, be kind to yourself and stop whenever you feel overwhelmed. However, if you are restless and feel a need to move and fidget, see if you can keep breathing and stay as you are, and maybe feel what actually going on, beneath this movement distraction. But still, be gentle on yourself, this is a practice, you can stop and start when it feels right for you.

And just before the end of each restorative practice I’ll sound my singingbowl 3 times. First time you can come back to the space you’re in and take a deep breath. The 2nd time you can invite some small movements back into your body and the 3rd time I’ll tell you how to, with as little effort as possible, get of the shape.

The Props

During the practices I use different kinds of props.

  • Bolsters
  • Blankets
  • Blocks
  • Belt
  • Pillow
  • Eyepillow

This is what I use, but your can also use chairs, pillows, books, meditationpillows etc., be creative.
Do make sure that your whole body is comfortable and all joints are supported at all times!

If you can’t want wait to experience the Art of Not-Doing, go to the Courses and explore!

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