Thai Bodywork session

Bodywork on the futon over the clothes.

A Thai bodywork session is a relaxing and rejuvenating massage flow where you will be moved, stretched and pressure points will be used. It is also referred to as ‘yoga for lazy people’. During this massage, you should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. You will be lying on a comfortable futon on the floor and oil will not be used.

The session lasts about 90 minutes, to allow for enough time to treat the whole body. It usually starts with the feet and continues through the rest of the body. I’m always trying to use pressure that is within your comfortzone, so you are still able to relax and soften. My belief is that, usually, when the pressure is too much and painful the body will, in the end, respond by protecting itself and thus becoming tighter. The idea is that through working with the body (muscles, fascia, and nervous tissue), the nervous system will calm down and tension that the body is holding on to, can soften, through which your circulation can be stimulated and your range of motion improved.

During the massage, you will be invited to stay present with your breath and the sensations within your body. This way we can both explore what is, in that moment. Where you bring your attention, movement and softening can happen, so that energy can flow more freely.

Before the massage there will be an intake to check for injuries, ailments, wishes and boundaries.

Please note! This is not an erotic massage

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