Covid reunions

Wow, my time in the Netherlands was a very welcome change of everything. Everything is so green!!! I arrived in proper Indian summer temperatures, so that was a very smooth transition. My plane arrived early (yes really) and my sister came to pick me up. It felt so good to see and hug her and … Continue Reading

Spain, busy times

It’s been a while since I’ve written. The harddrive of my laptop had died, and repairs took several weeks. Everything takes more time here in Spain. It was an interesting experience being without my computer. At times I could feel my need for totally zoning out with watching a series, which I couldn’t do now. … Continue Reading

Spain, the mind, the heart and the gut

It’s remarkable how fast plans and life can change again. On one hand I’m pretty cool with it, because it feels right. On the other hand it’s still scary and confusing. From the idea to redesigning my house and garden, things I wanted to do/learn when I would be back in the Netherlands. To now, … Continue Reading