Relax @ Work chairyoga program


Relax @ Work chair yoga program

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Relax @ Work

Are you sitting a lot and would you like to give your body some movement and attention?
Everything is becoming more digital. Meetings from behind a screen, online education, shopping from the comforts of your house. It is easy to disappear in your screen and completely forget about your body.

The Relax @ Work 10-day chairyoga program has been designed to give you the tools you are looking for to integrate consciousness and movement into your day. Every day, for 10 days, a new practice to increase awareness of your body, breath, movement and mind.

When you move with awareness, your consciousness of your body, movement and breath will grow. Body awareness will help you to pick up the signals your body is giving when you don’t feel well and something is off. Movement awareness will help you to let go of tension within your body. And breath awareness will help you to calm your mind and nervoussystem.
All these elements work together to create a healthier life, in which you experience less stress, feel more comfortable within your body and can move with less pain, or even painfree.

What do you get:

Unlimited access to:
– A new movement video from a chair, every day for 10 days.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.


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