Forward bending

This week, during the yang and yin yoga class, we will focus on bending forward. This is a bit trickier than you might think. During forward bends you want to make sure that you keep the curve of you lower back to protect the spine andyou want to keep the chest open. To do this …

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Flow Friday September

The month is ending again so it’s flow Friday. Last week, we practiced vasisthasana (side plank) during class, which will be optionally added in the flow this week. Get ready for an energizing yoga practice! The yin class will focus extra on deepening the breath and using it to direct its movement, to be able …

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Thai yoga massage reduced price ends soon!

From October 1st the prices for Thai yoga massage will be as follows: 60 min massage € 55 90 min massage € 75   Massages given before October 1st are still €15 per half hour.   Book soon, only limited spots available!

Shoulder awareness, alignment and strength

This week we will work on shoulder awareness, alignment and strength. Shoulders can be a source of trouble when you don’t use them properly. So we’ll pay attention to the different movements of the shoulder (arm and shoulderblade). We’ll create awareness and apply the movements in some different yoga asana, where we can focus on …

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This week the yoga classes will focus on bending and stretching the sides of the body. This is incredibly helpful in creating more space to breathe and helping to regain symmetry in the body. When you bend sideways you stretch one side of the body while you contract the other side, working the tissues of …

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