Kidney energy; Jing

Friday we’ll work with Kidney energy and awareness. In Chinese medicine it is believed that our essence, also known as Jing, is stored in our kidneys. Depending on your lifestyle, Jing stays present and flows through your body, nourishing it, or depletes and cannot be replenished.

In the yang class at 18:45 we’ll bring our awareness to our kidney area (bottom of your ribbasket at the back). We’ll make sure that during our practice, that area will always feel spacious enough. This can be challenging, because we will be moving the spine in several directions with an emphasis on backward bending.

Saddle poseDuring the (first!) yin yoga class, at 20:15, we will also work with the kidney energy but here, we’ll add the kidney meridians, stimulating Jing. This will again be done by moving the spine, mainly with forward and backward bends. In contrast with yang yoga, here, the poses are passive and held for a longer period of time, which works on different tissues and is believed to enhance the flow of energy along these meridians.


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